Mortar injection and grouting machine MAI ® 400 NT


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A robust and reliable machine for injection works mortar and grout, it is used around the world for mining works, tunnels, underground, reinforcement and often in extreme conditions.

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The MAI®400NT has been used successfully for years in mining, tunnel and underground construction in addition to securing mountain slopes and excavation pits all over the world. It has even been awarded a prize for innovation and research. The new water injection system, the wear-resistant MAI®CODUR plastic components plus clear and simple operation ensure maximum convenience and the best quality of mixed material.The grout mixing pump developed specially for extreme stresses underground has been used successfully for decades in mining, tunnel and underground construction in addition to securing mountain slopes and excavation pits. It ensures consistent mixing ratios, constant quality of the mixed material and thus proper processing.
With MAI’s patented and proven mixing and conveying technology the compact MAI®400NT mortar-mixing pump can process all kinds of cements and anchoring mortars that are suitable for machine use.


In contrast to conventional injection pumps the MAI®400NT offers the following unbeatable features:

• 2/3 less weight
• greater mobility
• continuous, non-pulsing pressure
• improved use of material, less waste
• fast and flexible adaptation to geologic conditions at any time


Thanks to its high quality, achieved through the most modern manufacturing methods available, and its service-friendly modular construction, the MAI®400NT stands apart with its long service life, low susceptibility to error and economy.


The strengths of the innovative mixing and conveying technology are demonstrated best during:
• injection work
• subsequent grouting
• filling drilled holes
• backfillings

Brand MAI
Operating voltage 400V/3/N/PE/50Hz
Nominal power 6,8 kW
Fusing 25 A
Weight 213 kg
Dimensions 173 x 57 x 96 cm
Filling height 96 cm