Peristaltic pump for small joints and plaster work

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This peristaltic pump membrane is suitable for liquid and paste like products as it is based on the unique rotary displacement system. Among others, colors, plaster up to 2.5mm, docorative lamination, prep contact and bitumen can easily, cleany and quickly be applicated. The operating costs are quite low and you can also save a lot of time as it ensure an easy maintenance and a rapid purification.

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Unlike the progressive cavity pump or rotor/stator pumps, this pum can run dry indefinitely without any damage to the equipment, therefore eliminating the need for highly trained technicians


The operation of this pump is based on a rotary displacement or squeeze principle. It pumps low and high efficiency thanks to its rotary displacement method through a "walking procedure".


  •     Synthetic resin coatings to 2.5 mm
  •      Whitewashed
  •      Cementitious coatings
  •      Silicate coatings up to 2.5 mm
  •     Silicone resin coatings up to 2.5 mm
  •      Thermal insulating plasters
  •      Resins
  •      Paints and primers
  •      Grouting without compressed air
Operating voltage 110 Volt / 60 Hz , 230 Volt / 60 Hz
Nominal power 0,55 kW
Performance / Debit 6 to 35 l/min
Max pressure pumping 15 bars
Weight 55 kg
Standard equipment Plastic tank 35 liters, Remote control, Mobile carriage
Optional equipments Spray gun, Grouting gun, Piping assembly : recommended maximum length 20 ml, Air compressor
Air consumption 300 to 600 liters / min