VORAX - Stripper cement, rust remover


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Quick action, powerful and deep. Contains an anti-rust agent. Versatile. Stripper which replaces strong acids while avoiding their disadvantages.

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VORAX is specially designed to:

- Strip the cement layers on formwork molds, scaffolding, cement mixers, asphalt pavements ...
- Remove excess cement on tiles, terracotta, facing bricks, hard stones ...
- Eliminate the whitish efflorescence on the brick veneer, carbonation facade coatings.
- Destroy the plants such as mosses, lichens, fungi and some blackening on the hard stone.
- Remove rust by soaking ferrous or brush application.


VORAX should not be used indoors without proper ventilation.
VORAX, pure or diluted, is corrosive, so it is highly recommended to take the usual precautions for the protection of the eyes and skin and wear a suitable respirator.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek prompt medical attention, showing the label. In case of skin contact, rinse with running water and alcohol and cover the skin with a protective cream, preferably oily.


Stripping cement about hardware: 1 vol. of VORAX to 1 vol. of water. For equipment, raw steel use is essential PASSIV 7 after etching.

Stripping materials, carbonation: 1 vol. of VORAX to 3-5 vol. of water.

Rust removal: On the bare metal it is necessary to passivate the action VORAX using PASSIV 7. This liquid product is sprayed on the metal material after thorough rinsing of VORAX. PASSIVE 7 without applying the metal would cover very quickly with a layer of "rust flower".

VORAX is sprayed with a suitable plastic sprayer (industrial type) or soaking bath in plastic containers. It is recommended to moisten the material to be stripped and then, once the stripping done, rinse thoroughly to remove residues dissolved. On the stone and plaster rinsing with water containing 5% ALKA7 is highly recommended and essential for the media to be painted.


  • Chemical nature: Corrosive, pickling acid.
  • PH: 1.2
  • Density: 1.17
  • Storage: 1 year in original to frost packaging.